The only roof flashing kit that you install from INSIDE the building, OVER shingles or other roofing materials

Keeps You Off The Roof!

Safe Roof Flashing Kit
Avoid The Heat
Safe Roof Flashing Kit
Don't Risk the Ice
Safe Roof Flashing Kit
Kozy Keeps You Safe

The Kozy Kollar - The safe option in any weather for roof flashing from the inside. Suppliers throughout the US.With Kozy Kollar

You will never have to climb on a roof again to install traditional roof flashing when you use a Kozy Kollar. You will save time (and money) on installation, too! Benefits include:

  • Easily installed from inside the building by one man in 10 minutes.
  • Designed for roofs that are flat to those with a 14/12 pitch.
  • Works on a variety of shingles and roof types, including metal roofs.
  • Forms a weather tight seal on all four sides.
  • Install in any weather, even in winter or in rain.
  • No more expensive safety equipment, extension ladders, or OSHA fines.
  • No more risking your life to install someone else’s flashing.